Luft Hospitality
A luxury concierge service. We take celebrating seriously.
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Our Story


what is luft?

We take celebrating seriously. That's where this all started. Yes, our collective background is in event production, hospitality, and operations management, but LUFT really began with the idea that we'd like to bring the same enthusiasm that we have for our own long weekends and milestone birthdays -- or any birthday, really -- to a service we can provide for others. We believe in pampering, the importance of aesthetics and the idea that life is to be enjoyed to its fullest. And we love travel. We've experienced the frustration of arriving in a strange and wonderful place and not having the slightest clue about how to take advantage of it's bounty. We've wasted precious vacation hours wading through Yelp reviews and wondering if the top rated restaurant on Google is as good at food as they are at SEO. In short, we needed an inside track. After all, who better than plugged in locals to steer you toward the true treasures of their town and countryside?

Our mission is to provide top level concierge service, small event planning and execution, and weekend coordination to the discerning traveler. We also partner with a select number of vacation rentals, event venues, and service providers to ensure that all your needs are met.

When you visit this fine corner of the earth, you can't help but celebrate life. And LUFT is here to help. 



We were really struggling to come up with a moniker for our venture. Weeks would go by that we would play word association games, scribble possibilities, and then unceremoniously cross them out. And then one evening we were playing with the word "left" as we are both left-handed. We rolled it around on our tongues, spat it out with other words, and nothing was really gelling. Then one of us accidentally mispronounced it "luft" and we giggled and joked about the made-upness of it. But then something funny happened. We kind of liked the way it sounded. We liked that it would fit nicely with the words luxe, loft, soft, and lush. We liked that it means "air" in German and so connotes an elevated experience, a rarefied feeling, and wide open space. And so it stuck.